Lifetime Warranty

All R1 Products are backed with our R1 lifetime warranty. To submit a R1 warranty claim simply print out our warranty form (See Below) and mail the product back WITH THE WARRANTY FORM to R1 Industries 204 W Whitewater Dr. Vineyard UT 84059 for a warranty inspection. If the claim is approved, we will replace your item free of charge. If the warranty is not approved we will hold your item until you inform us what you would like to do. It's a very rare case when a warranty is not approved.


Note: Altering the item voids the manufacturer defect warranty.

(Altering includes, but is not limited to, cutting wires on the controller, cutting the whips to be shorter, rewiring original wiring setup,

or running bigger flags not made by us). 


Breaks & Other Issues Caused By The Customer:  


R1 Industries offers coverage for broken whips and any other issues caused by you, the consumer. If you break your whip or cause any other damage to the whip and/or parts, we will replace the item with a brand new item (not repaired or refurbished) for our cost + shipping. Just send the product back with a completed warranty form and we will contact you about payment.

If an item is sent back without our warranty form we will not warranty the product until we receive the form. (No Exceptions)

We stand behind our products and are confident they are the best and strongest on the market!!!

Click below to download warranty form.